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(From May 27th)

Immerse yourself in the sweet nostalgia of summer vacation with the Pre-Fall 2024 collection.

Relive every shared moment under the sun in perfect harmony with country picnics, market strolls and golden landscapes.


This season, children embody the simple, authentic joy of indulging in the last carefree days of summer. Still light and breezy, their outfits gently herald autumn and showcase the Bonpoint cherry.


Each piece in this collection recaptures these precious moments: floral motifs evoke sunny gardens, while lightweight fabrics bring a breath of freedom. Cherry-print denim and a soft cashmere cardigan set the scene for the first cool September evenings. 


This season features a colorful Liberty print reminiscent of a fall market with a large basket brimming with the fruits of autumn. This fabric also graces the Duchesse dress and the iconic Bonpoint suitcase. 



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